Lent, Day 5: Ordinary

Day 5: Ordinary

When I thought about this word, the first thing that came to mind was Ordinary Time. As in the liturgical calendar. The season of Lent is not Ordinary! The Lenten season is purple, and a reflective, contemplative season.

The church altar cloths and my stole reflect the season of the year. This photo shows green, the color of Ordinary Time.


Lent, Day 3: Approval

Day 3: Approval

I attended an Evangelical college for my undergrad degree in church music. Its biblical motto was 2 Timothy 2:15. Even though I have traveled away from Evangelicalism in the decades since, I still try to uphold this verse!


Lent, Day 2: Perfectionism

Day 2: Perfectionism

This word brought a sad memory to my mind. When I was young, my father worked as a statistician. He held himself to a very high standard – in part because of the extreme detail orientation of his job. So, this photo shows my immediate, gut reaction to this word. Sad, lonely, withdrawn.

Dear Lord, this memory is a sad one. Help me not to focus on the sad, lonely and withdrawn parts of myself that were so easy to access. Instead, direct me towards the love, warmth and caring of You and Your presence with me. In Jesus’ name, amen. #LentenSnapshots2022

Lent, Day 1: Perfect

I photographed these mock orange blossoms last spring near my church. Perfect memory of the large mock orange blossom bush behind my parents’ small brick house on the northwest side of Chicago. #LentenSnapshots2022

Dear Lord, help me to remember how You are perfect, how You are totally righteous, and wish to reconcile us to Yourself. (Especially on Ash Wednesday, when I really need to remember.) Amen.